Family Support Partners

You’ve been there and done that. Use your lived experience to become a valuable Family Support Partner (FSP) for Georgia Parent Support Network, Inc. The FSP program coaches, educates, supports, and encourages family members to make informed choices about care specialists and to express care needs clearly. You can get involved in three main ways:

Support:  Use your own life experiences to provide peer-to-peer support for referred caregivers.

Help:  Give hope and support to families while practicing and deepening your own coping skills.

Learn:  Get on the job training with our certified Peer Specialist-Parent Wraparound approach. Every FSP gains credentials as a CPS-P (Certified Peer Specialist-Parent) through the state of Georgia and receives mandatory ongoing training.

Your Experience Makes A Difference

As an FSP, you have the opportunity to aid caregivers in a variety of valuable ways

  • Identify assistance programs like SSI, food stamps, and insurance
  • Connect caregivers to resources for employment and housing searches
  • Support the caregivers with coping skills and dealing with the stress of raising a child with special needs
  • Attend meetings/court hearings with the families at their request and advocate by helping families learn to communicate their needs to formal and informal supports
  • Be present and engaged during crisis situations to provide support to the caregivers and link families to additional services as needed

To apply to become an FSP, please contact Brett Barton at 404-758-4500 ext. 203 or