Youth MOVE Georgia is a program for youth and young adults to build empathy and self-advocacy.

This is a place where you will discover it is okay to talk with your peers about the things happening in your life. And you’ll learn that nine times out of ten, others are experiencing the same things. We are here to support each other.

Be heard.

Who knows you better than you? Many times parents, caregivers, therapist, probation officers and teachers just don't understand where you are coming from. Learning to advocate for yourself respectfully is a skill you will use for the rest of your life. Through conferences, training, and chapter meetings, you will learn valuable techniques to be heard when it comes to making decisions about your future.

Be influential.

You can make a difference in your community. That may happen as you attend meetings, share your story, volunteer, or act as a friend to others. It doesn't take much to be a part of the change – you just have to be willing to be part of the process.

Be you.

Always remember to be your authentic self, no matter what. Life experiences make each of us who we are. We learn a lot from our differences. Don't let anything stop you from being you.

Youth MOVE Mission

Youth MOVE Georgia exists to unite diverse individuals in the commitment to share our voices and raise awareness about issues that affect youth and young adults. We advocate for our rights and for fairness in all the systems that serve us. We have a purpose and the right to be an equal partner in the process of change.

Youth MOVE Vision

To advocate and collaborate actively to ensure our input is heard by the adult leaders who make big decisions about our welfare during our transition from young adult to adulthood.


Who can join?  Anyone between the ages of 10 and 29

When do we meet?  The 1st Saturday of each month

If you are interested in joining us for our statewide meeting please contact

Sheena Biggerstaff | Youth MOVE Georgia Coordinator

Active Local Chapters

Youth MOVE Georgia is the state chapter of Youth MOVE National. We support and help the development of local Youth MOVE chapters statewide. These local chapters are significant to the advocacy movements and youth involvement at the local level throughout Georgia.

Tammie Harrison, Adult Supporter
Brittany O'Neal, President
Phone: 404.604.7229

F.A.V.O.R. Youth MOVE
Carmen Coates, Adult Supporter
Marquez (Quez) Coates, President
Cell: 404.587.8286,
Office: 404.499.0078

Hyped4U Youth MOVE
Tywanna Bailey, Adult Supporter
Ashley Britt, President
Phone: 470.429.1217

Youth MOVE Albany
Angie Williams, Adult Supporter
Cora Lueallen, President
Phone: (229) 886-0261

State Organization

Youth MOVE Georgia

Georgia Parent Support Network, Inc.
Sheena Biggerstaff, State Coordinator
Brittany O'Neal, President
1381 Metropolitan Pkwy SW
Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone: (404) 758-4500
Toll Free: (844) 278-6945
Fax: (404) 758-6833

Youth MOVE Fulton
Cameron Cochran, Adult Supporter
Brittany Southall, President
1382 Metropolitan Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30310
Office (404) 758-4500

Youth MOVE Dublin (Middle Georgia)
Marnie Braswell, Adult Supporter
Claire Bonnell, President
Phone: (478) 275-6850 x1257

My Girls Youth MOVE
Dunyell Dawson, Adult Supporter
Shamira Dawson, President
Phone: (470) 207-3374

Youth MOVE Determination
Summer Cress, Adult Supporter
Maranda Stephens, President 
Phone: 706-994-6703